Our Bandanas

Breathable and moisture-wicking material

A blend of recycled and new polyester offers soft material that is quick to dry and will wick sweat on the trail.

Sun protection

Bandanas offer UPF50+ sun protection to help you cover up on hot, sunny days.

Vibrant colours and inspiring designs

Our designs provide beauty or practical information while out on the trail. Our bandanas have cribbage borders, wildflower guides, colour wheels, chord charts, and more!

Custom made

Our bandanas are custom made when you place an order. It adds a little extra delivery time, but is gentler on the planet as we avoid overproduction.


Pack along our new Ukulele Chords Bandana on your next trip if strumming beside the campfire is your thing. You'll have all the common chord ready to practice, plus a large bandana can wrap and help protect your instrument.

Ukulele Chords Bandana

Essential gear for every adventure.

Bandanas are more than just a pretty hair accessory. Here are our top 25 uses in the backcountry.

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